Tenant Obligation Of End Of Lease Cleaning

end of lease cleaning Geelong

Construction properties are either self-developed as permanent personal residences or are used as rented locations for some temporary basis. However, in renting business there are some necessary regulations that need to be followed for maintaining a professional behavior towards the real estate agent or company offering the clients a stay. A major and non-ignorable part is of end of lease cleaning Geelong act that is required by tenant in order for him to receive the pre-deposit money back from the lender. This procedure is practiced at the end of the stay of tenant when he is about to move out of the rented place. This involve a thorough deep cleaning involving washing, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting and restoring the infrastructure, interiors as well as exteriors of the property in the original form. It is important to conduct it in order to make it available for the next person later moving in the same space. If the place taken on lease is in quite a bad or untidy state, professional residential cleaners are hired in for the job of cleaning and maintenance. This can be slightly expensive in comparison to self-cleaning but is more reliable and professional proceeded.

End of lease cleaning

Cleaning is a legal regulation when it comes to renting a residential property. A tenant is obligated to return or restore the place he was living in, in a cleaned state to make it re-available for new tenants. This is called as end of lease cleaning. This is done at the end when lease contract is finished. This can be in-depth cleaning or a superficial scrubbing or dusting.

End of lease cleaning cannot be escaped at any cost as the acceptance of bond deposit by tenant depends upon it. The marks, stains, dirt and dust, wrappers and left over belongings or waste must be disposed-off in order to maintain cleanliness around the rented space.

Residential cleaners

Housekeeping services were not that popular in the past but due to more prevalence of residences and high emergence of pollutants around these cleaning care techniques are gaining more attention. Residential cleaners are professional bond or private cleaners with job duties that include essential cleaning, sweeping, mopping, washing, dusting, disinfection, sanitization and vacuuming of all the individual or complete property used as rent.

Residential cleaners have cleaning equipment, tools and resources like detergents and cleansers that are advanced in action than self-applied soapy water procedures. There are cleaners that work daily, weekly, twice or even thrice a week and some are monthly workers in this business. These have standard cleaning activities for clients but add-on facility of customization in the cleaning services is also available with extra charges.


End of lease cleaning is necessary to follow by tenant by thorough, in-depth or superficial cleaning of interiors, exteriors and sometimes the whole residential property. Residential cleaners are also hired for quick cleaning services for houses and apartments like the bond cleaners.